Monthly: October 2016

We’re already halfway through October, and aside from the setback of being sick this week, it’s shaping up to be one hell of a month!

I’m getting more into curating my time and my life lately, so I wanted to start a monthly column to share my goals and favorites.

October Excitement:
-My 24th birthday was on October 9.  (October 9th was also John Lennon’s birthday, by the way.)  I wrote a post about it—24 promises to be a big year for me!  I’m moving into a new phase of my life, the go-getter phase, and I’m excited to share my journey.  This past year has been very focused on learning life skills, like cooking and remembering to buy toilet paper and not being reliant on Adderall, and I’m very ready to move past the basic concerns (which I feel like I’ve pretty much mastered) on to the hard work of achieving my dreams.


October Goals:
-I’m co-writing a two volume academic writing textbook for my job right now, and I want to have my chapter on essay structure completely drafted with exercises and everything by the end of October.  It’s not a very sexy goal, but it’s gonna look great on that resume!

-I’m also submitting my writing to literary journals again this month.  I received my last rejection over a year ago, but when I graduated from college and started planning my wedding and my big move across the world, I got too busy with the everyday of life and fell into a massive rut of writer’s block, which in turn robbed me of my confidence and motivation to submit.  But this month I’m getting my work back out there!  I renewed my Duotrope subscription just for the month of October.

October Inspiration:
-October is one of my favorite months.  The change of seasons is a huge inspiration for me.  When I moved from Wisconsin to Chengdu last year, I thought there was no change in seasons in October—it still frequently reached 80 degrees or higher, the leaves were still green, and there is no such thing as a pumpkin spice latte here.  But now that I’ve gotten to know Chengdu a little better, I’m able to tune in to the subtler changes.  The ginkgo trees are starting to drop their berries, it rains more frequently, and the temperatures are dropping from the upper 90s to the 70s, even the 60s now and then.  I’m still getting cozy with warm drinks and (light) blankets, I’ve just come to accept that fall in Chengdu means more lightweight blazers and cardigans, not necessarily oversized sweaters.

Keep an eye out for my latest fall clothes haul in a post this week!

-I’m getting super inspired by Jenny Mustard right now.  I love both her blog and her youtube channel—although I’m not a minimalist like her, I’m very conscious about my consumption and my impact on the world.  I find her content very thought-provoking, and just in the past 24 hours Nathan and I have been spurred into two separate long and fascinating conversations by something Jenny said.  I also love how motivated she is, and how skilled she seems at organizing her life and her time.

October Food:
-I’ve been eating a lot of orange vegetables lately: butternut squash, carrots, and sweet potatoes are the stars of most of my cooking.  I love this sweet potato curry, and butternut squash mac and cheese is literally the perfect vegan comfort food.  I’m really interested in trying this butternut squash, onion, and apple pizza, too—that’s one of my favorite flavor combinations, and it looks so good!

Garlic is my year-round bae, though

-Since I got an immersion blender for my birthday, soups, dips, and sauces are the orders of the month.  I made a great sweet potato curry soup the other day, and I’m nursing an obsession with baba ganoush.  (Thinking of making a pizza with baba ganoush instead of sauce… hmmm… look for a recipe soon!) I’ve been dying to try this onion and apple spread on some homemade potato scones, too, and now that I have an immersion blender, I have a great excuse!

I seriously can’t stop eating baba ganoush!  I’m not kidding… send help…

October Drinks:
-Nathan and I quit drinking alcohol entirely for the last half of September, and I’ve been really loving how much more clear-headed I feel and how much easier it is to stay hydrated, so I’m more or less continuing to steer clear of the stuff!  This isn’t permanent abstinence—when I move back to the US, I’m sure I’ll still enjoy a good craft beer here and there.  But the alcohol in China is honestly pretty awful, so what’s the point in drinking it if it just makes me feel bad?  I’ll still indulge on rare occasions, but my October drink is not drinking!

-We also recently broke our little French press and bought this gorgeous thing as a replacement!  It makes 1L of coffee, which is perfect for us—just enough for each of us to have a nice, big mug in the morning on our days off.  I’ve also discovered a new favorite blend: Archer Farms French Roast.  I never knew I was a dark roast girl, but it’s like a big, strong hug.  It’s amazing.  For a totally different flavor, I’m also enjoying Archer Farms’ apple cider donut coffee, but it’s such a sweet light roast that it’s almost like a strong tea rather than a coffee.


October Items:
-I’m a little obsessed with pillows this month!  I recently bought a poop emoji pillow, because let’s be honest, it expresses the deepest reaches of my soul.  And Nathan’s Chinese tutor somehow remembered my birthday (he’s mentioned it to her ONCE, a whole year ago!) and gave me this unbelievable bear pillow from Miniso.  It is the cutest pillow I’ve seen in a good long time, and it’s quite possibly the softest thing I’ve ever touched!  I simultaneously want to sleep on it every single night, and never use it so that it retains this springy softness forever!


October Apps:
-I’ve recently started using Sleep Cycle to track my sleep quality and wake me up at the most optimal time in my sleep cycle.  I wake up feeling much more energized this way—I mean, it’s a really noticeable difference!  I’ve been using it for about two and a half weeks, and I’ve hit snooze twice total in that time.  Normally I hit snooze two or three times every morning!  Not only does it wake me up better than a traditional alarm, it’s been really enlightening to see a visualization of my sleep quality on different nights.  You can pay a little extra money to get more features, including an analysis of what factors are affecting your sleep, but I find I don’t need to.  If I drink coffee late in the day and that night my sleep quality is 75% instead of 93%, I pretty much know what I did.

-I’m also really enjoying the game Alphabear.  It’s a really cute and clever word game!  Like a sort of reverse Scrabble, but with adorable bouncing bears instead of Double Letter Score tiles.

* * *

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Inspiration Is A Habit, Not A Lightening Strike

As a writer, I’ve encountered far more than my fair share of folks for whom inspiration is a fickle muse, a sporadic enigma, a ghost who haunts at random. I think it’s a common attitude: inspiration comes when it damn well wants, and you just have to be ready and waiting for that moment. People use it as an excuse for procrastination, an explanation for writer’s block, a justification for a prolonged silence on their blog or their YouTube channel, whatever.

For some people, this is a source of exasperation: “I want to write, but the muse isn’t coming!” they lament, or they ask, “How do you get the muse to visit you?”  For others, it’s a reason to brag: “I never work on a schedule, I wait for inspiration to strike!”  Either way, it’s an attitude that relies on a lie.

Don’t get me wrong, if you’re a pure hobbyist who paints because it’s calming, or writes poetry as therapy, that’s 100% fine.  In fact, it’s great—but this post isn’t for you.  If you’re someone who wants to build a career out of your art or your content, or at least some recognition in your field, listen up.  Even if you’re doing it just for fun, but you want to improve your abilities as a writer or a photographer or, hell, even a chef—listen up.

Inspiration doesn’t control you.  You control your inspiration.

It’s always a good idea to decorate your space with things that inspire you, to keep your
~brain juices~ flowing throughout the day.

Inspiration isn’t an external force.  It’s not a heavenly hand bestowing ideas upon you.  It’s just your brain making connections, having ideas, doing the things a brain is meant to do.  Inspiration is just the practice of seeing new possibilities and larger meaning in the mundane world around you.  It’s the practice of recognizing that the world around you isn’t mundane.  It’s the practice of seeing everything as stimuli.

The keyword here is practice.  To be inspired, you need to keep the inspiration pathways in your brain warm.  Limber them up—look for inspiration.  The more you look, the more you’ll see.  There is inspiration all around you, all of the time, but if you’re not looking for it, you’ll miss it.  It’s truly a habit that you need to cultivate.  When you scroll through pictures on Instagram or tumblr or wherever you like to waste your time, don’t just let the media wash over you.  Think about it.  Figure out why it speaks to you, and get inspired!

Do this all the time.  Do it while you walk.  Do it while you shower.  Do it when you’re sitting in class, or in meetings, or in a coffee shop.  The more you look for inspiration, the more you’ll find it.

Once you find inspiration, make sure you catch it!  I always carry a small notebook with me for recording ideas.  Right now I’m carrying the fish, which I got for 25RMB at the famous
Fang Suo Commune bookstore here in Chengdu.

I know this from experience: at certain times in my life, everything from news stories about criminals to obscure facts about Ancient Egypt to the sight of a leaf on the sidewalk sent me scurrying for my notebook to jot down an idea or scribble a stanza.  At other times, my brain has been a dry well while I prioritized things like washing dishes and getting to work on time and ignored the magic and intrigue of everything around me.  (Not that washing dishes and getting to work on time are incompatible with a creative life—it’s just a matter of balance, and I think one or the other tends to slip before you reach your balance.)  But now I’m getting it back.  I’m getting back in the habit of being inspired.

* * *

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